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I’m the head photographer and partner at Gaune Studios, completing photography for both commercial and portrait markets. With over 13 years of professional experience, I’m confident in my abilities to deliver unique and quality images, and on budget. In the last couple of years, we’ve accomplished a long-awaited dream, opening our own storefront studio, located in the heart of the Corydon/Osborne district.


My first venture into photography was as a kid, exploring streets of Winnipeg. Since I had no brothers or sisters to torment, the camera was my way of keeping myself busy, meeting people in the neighbourhood, and taking their photographs. I can’t say I was exactly a photojournalist in training; my intentions were more carefree and social. The pursuit was a lot of fun, but the printed results could be frustrating. Sometimes, what I saw in my viewfinder was not what came out in the photographs. I didn’t know why, but I just had to find out!


From there on, I took thousands of photos, getting maybe only a few good images, but slowly and surely improving. Back then, my favourite projects involved cutting and pasting photographs together to form tongue-in-cheek collages, as well as photographing just about any reflective surface I came across…. far from any kind of art, but still fun to make. Eventually, I met a friend who convinced me I had “the eye” and encouraged me to buy a “real” camera. It was later in photography school that I finally began to learn the craft and solve some of my photography mysteries, and more about technique and lighting, and the effect of these on a subject. Through my years of experience, I have come a long way, and you’ll find the evidence throughout this site.


I'm a partner at Gaune Studios, serving as the Creative Director, editor, and generally a wearer of MANY hats! Chances are if you give us a call, you’ll be talking to me. I have a business degree with a Marketing Major, and experience in advertising; accordingly, I really enjoy working with businesses that don’t mind the added input, on top of our photography skills. The sheer assortment of our clients and the varied jobs they bring us makes this job so appealing: you can say I’m never bored.


Growing up, my dad was an active camera enthusiast, constantly buying professional equipment. I was fortunate that he also set up a dark-room in our first house. Moreover, I really got into photography in high school art classes and participated in several art shows. Spending hours in the darkroom, not to mention time off babysitting my younger siblings, was truly peaceful and rewarding.


This combined with my love for drawing and painting, logically led me to explore Photoshop for further beautifying images. The art of photo editing (or the digital darkroom) is equally important to the initial capture – it can set the tone of a photograph, and sometimes adds another layer of meaning. I’ve supplemented my practice by studying textbooks and learning how other professionals solve similar challenges. I honestly feel that the pursuit of life-long continuous learning, experience and reflection are integral to my personal and professional growth, and what I can offer our clients.

Our Studio

We have a fully equipped photo studio in the heart of the Corydon/Osborne district, infamously known as “Confusion Corner.” Despite the label, we are actually easy to find, located across from the popular restaurant Confusion Corner Bar & Grill. We have all the amenities complete with a relaxed reception area where we can review your photos over a cup of coffee. We also have a bathroom and dressing room, allowing you to primp and pamper to your heart’s desire. Click on any photo enlarge.


We have over 13 years experience in the business of arts & advertising, with varied experience in event photography, commercial photography, as well as artistic portraits. Our experience allows us to accommodate for a variety of lighting challenges, including low-light indoor situations, amongst other conditions. Both Jay and Angela are experienced in the art of photo editing using Photoshop, whether natural retouching or applying special artistic effects.


Jay completed his photography diploma at the PrairieView School of Photography in 2001. Angela has her Bachelors of Commerce Degree (Hons.), with a Marketing Major. With her background, she often acts as an intermediary between the client’s vision and the art of photography. Both Jay and Angela continue the learning process via seminars, and subscribe to leading photography publications.