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Editorial Photography

You’re telling a story with your carefully-crafted words and our job is to illuminate that story with supporting photographs. Whether it is photos for your publication, annual report, or products/services, we thoroughly attend to the task at hand, ensuring that an effective pictorial captures your vision and your target audience’s imagination.

When photographing products, we realize that colour accuracy is important. Multiple products require consistency of angle and lighting; thus, we verify output by careful comparison and confirmation during the shoot. Other jobs are more creativity-based and may require enhancing the narrative with relevant special effects.


(D1) Editorial

Our editorial photography pricing is based on an hourly rate, which includes a minimum of 3 high res printable images PER hour of service. More high res images are included if there are no people in the images, as product shots don’t normally require extensive editing. Also includes all viewer proofs on a disc: these are images, large enough to view on your computer, from which you can choose your favourites.

Discounted rates are negotiable for small, local publications. Please contact us for a quote.

A la Carte

Additional high res, retouched images available at $50/image.

Photo Editing

When people are featured in editorials, some retouching is required for a professional and polished result. We strive to maintain skin texture and typically erase “temporary” skin conditions such as blemishes, and only soften the looks of lines, scars, wrinkles, rather than completely erase these marks of character. In special cases, where applicable or by your request, a more heavy-handed approach can be used.

For products and set-ups, natural emphasis or exaggeration of certain colours and special effects can be applied. We will offer our suggestions in the planning stages of the shoot, and then, your chosen images can be edited.