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Special Event Photography

Your event, whether it is a fundraiser, awards ceremony, birthday or wedding is abuzz with activity. We understand that you’ll be occupied with guests and absorbed in the day’s proceedings. That’s why we sit down with you ahead of time and get a very clear idea of what you want as well as the style of photographs you desire. With two photographers, we are able to capture a multitude of angles, as well as a larger variety of shots and styles. Small and large details alike, such as decor and spaces, are also photographed to form a complete pictorial recollection of the day.

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(E1) Special Event

Our special event pricing is based on an hourly rate, which includes colour and brightness corrected high res, printable images on disc, as well as 4x6 prints (minimum 50 prints per hour).


(E2) Special Event

If you prefer larger 5x7 prints, we offer this size for an additional fee.

Photo Editing/Retouching

Typically for events, we give you a number of colour corrected images, on disc, suitable for both print and web-display. These are not retouched, but if you’d like to have specific photos retouched, we do offer this service at an additional fee. For your consideration, we can retouch both people and spaces. We strive to maintain skin texture and typically erase “temporary” skin conditions such as blemishes, and only soften the looks of lines, scars, wrinkles, rather than completely erase these marks of character. In special cases, where applicable or by your request, a more heavy-handed approach can be used. For products and set-ups, natural emphasis or exaggeration of certain colours and special effects can be applied. We will offer our suggestions in the planning stages of the shoot, and from there, photo editing can be applied to your chosen images.