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Calla & Gary

We loved the photographs - there was a great variety and that was what we asked for. As our wedding was essentially a destination wedding with lots of diversity (very casual in some ways, yet formal in others) we wanted mostly informal shots to record the day, and minimal number of formal shots. This was well balanced with what we wanted. His assistant kept track of which formals had been taken, and organized them very well to take up the least amount of time, while getting everyone in them! Our family and guests seemed to really like the photos - especially of the kids when they weren't aware that their picture was being taken! The photos were taken with several lenses and effects to give a little diversity. We asked for a lot of candids that is what we got, and they turned out really well; so were the formals, and we especially loved the black and white. We found both Jay and his assistant to be enthusiastic: They were approachable, and most of the time people forgot that they were even there as they blended in so well! Everyone was quite comfortable and it is difficult to take pictures with lots of kids yet that was done especially well. There was a great range of excellent photographs that captured our entire day. That is exactly what we wanted an love about them! Jay did an amazing job, and made our wedding photos wonderful!