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Dan & Stacey

We met Jay in October 2004 when he took our engagement pictures. We discovered his web site and gave him a call. He was very open and flexible with appointment times and locations and when we met him for the first time we walked away feeling really good about our upcoming picture session with him. Our first picture session with Jay was so much fun and we were so impressed with the pictures that we called him a couple months later and booked him to do our wedding pictures. My husband and I love our wedding pictures and everyone that has seen them has said that every picture looks perfect, like the picture that comes in the frame you buy at a store, how do you chose your favorite. I joke about Jay using special film that makes anyone photogenic even if you really think your not. Jay really captures the moment in every picture he takes and his use of black and white film and colour film makes the pictures look so unique and stylish. Jay is fun to work with because he uses a different technique then any other photographer I’ve seen, he takes in the beauty of whatever’s around you and makes it a part of the picture. Trust the way he poses you for formal photos, the picture always turns out really nice and that’s what matters. You can tell Jay is passionate about being a photographer because he loves taking pictures and he is always taking pictures and the best part is, is he gives you all the pictures he takes, and each time it was more than I was expecting. My husband and I intend to use Jay’s talents again and again throughout our life journey together, in fact I can’t wait to get more photographs done I’m just rooting for a excuse to need pictures done again.