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R. Wilson – MD Steele

We are a builder that specializes in civil and institutional construction. I hired Jason to shoot some promotional stuff for us on a few large floodway railway bridge projects at various phases of completion. The overall experience was very good. Whether it was crawling through steel beams and cross bracing or dangling 50 feet in the air off a telescopic manlift Jay was willing to go to great lengths to capture the perfect shot. He was very accommodating and easy to work with. The quality of his photos were very impressive and what made them great was the creativity he added. You think you’ve seen a concrete bridge pier or a steel girder a million times and then you look at a photo taken by Jay. The photos showed a whole different side. When it comes to bridges and structures, I see what most others don’t and Jay was able to capture those things and display them so that all could see and appreciate. 

Richard Wilson, CET, GSC
M D Steele Construction Ltd.